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Solutions in PPO, Cost Containment,
Case Management and Medical Assistance

Excelência desde 1997

The Company

WA is a TPA specialized in health services, with solutions in PPO, Cost Containment, Case Management and Medical Assistance.

Headquartered in Orlando (Florida-USA), with an office in Porto (Portugal) and an Operations and Service Center in Brazil, WA is the answer to reducing costs in health care area in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia. We have more than 20 years of experience in international assistance for expatriates and travelers, guaranteeing discounts at providers participating in the preferred network.








Always provide the best assistance with quality, at anytime and anyplace, aiming to minimize the financial impact of medical charges.


Being references in Cost Containment and leaders rendering medical assistance services worldwide.


  • International reputation;
  • Wide Providers Network (medical/dental/hospital);
  • High Qualified Multilingual Staff;
  • Control and monitoring of costs;
  • Translation of Medical Reports;
  • Costs Reduction (human and technological resources for processing medical and hospital claims, under any circumstances, quickly and efficiently);
  • Costs research and medical claims auditing;
  • Dedicated phone line for your company;
  • Toll free in the following countries: South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Chile, China, Spain, United States, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Canada.
  • Call Center working 24 hours, 365 days a year; anywhere in the world;
  • House Calls;
  • Accredited Home Care network;
  • Concierge services;
  • Case Management performed by doctors and nurses;
  • Whatsapp text messages;
  • Hospice;
  • Total travelers’ assistance;
  • Non-disclosure agreement to protect your portfolio;
  • Dedicated key account; 
  • Agreement with PPO providers with pre-agreed discounts;
  • Customized phone answering (we will pick up the calls as we were you).


Always committed  with the quality of services offered to the customers, WA has a network of professionals and facilities with excellent reputation due to  their qualifications, human, academic and technological resources, some of them are considered national and international references for specific treatments.

As a reputable company in the market, WA is constantly required to control hospitalizations, negotiate discounts and payment terms for hospital bills / medical fees, even in cases where the facility / professional involved is not part of its accredited network, thus expanding , the scope of its performance.

Main Providers:

Rio de Janeiro

  • Hospital Barra Dor
  • Hospital Copa Dor
  • Hospital Copa Star
  • Hospital Vitória
  • Pró-Cardíaco
  • Pronep
  • Quinta Dor
  • Rios Dor
  • Samaritano
  • São Vicente

São Paulo

  • Hospital Sírio-Libanês
  • Hospital Albert Einstein
  • Hospital Nove de Julho
  • Pronep
  • Hospital Samaritano
  • Vila Nova Star


  • Santa Luzia

Porto Alegre

  • Hospital Moinhos de Vento

Belo Horizonte

  • Hospital Mater Dei


  • Hospital Esperança


  • Hospital Aliança

For further information about our network abroad, contact us.


For the excellence in the services rendered, WA has acquired partnerships with some of the most reputable companies in the national and international health insurance, travelers’ assistance, HMOs, medical cooperatives and self-management areas.

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We believe that World Assist Corporation exerts a real effort to create an approach  policy for international patients care, thus facilitating transactions between insurers and hospitals in various parts of the world.

(Vicente Pires - Hospital Samaritano CFO)
To read the entire version, click here

World Assist Corporation / World Assist, since 2009, has been maintained commercial relations with this hospital, through admissions made by some foreign insurance companies, always honoring its commitments...

(Henrique Manuel R. de Campos - Hospital Pro-Cardiaco Billing Manager)
To read the entire version, click here

World Assist has been helpful to Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz and the operations have been conducted in a timely and professional manner, thus reducing the risks which we are normally exposed to.

(Dra. Marcia O. Menezes - Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Commercial Director)
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This renowned company has been characterized by its compliance and effort to create an excellent service policy for international patients...

(Dr. Josier Marques  Vilar - Pronep Medical Director)
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This company is composed by a group of professionals committed to quality in customer service. Their assistance allows us to facilitate all administrative procedures regarding to foreign patients and international insurance companies.

(Dr. Sérgio Siqueira - Clínica São Vicente Commercial Director).
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We hereby wish to inform you that members of World Assist Co. may be assisted at the Santorio Americano.

(Daniela Cabrera - Sanatorio Americano General Manager).
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Hospital Sírio Libanês reiterates the importance of this relationship with World Assist, a fact that has been consolidated through the years of partnership.

(Dr. Gonzalo Vecila Neto - Hospital Sírio Libanês Corporate Superintendent)
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Cases of Success
Negotiated Claims

Hospital Claim
in Miami, USA:

$ 741.526,68
Initial Amount (USD)
$ 259.534,34
Negotiated Amount (USD)
$ 481.992,34
Final Amount (USD)

Hospital Claim
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

$ 322.690,98
Initial Amount (BRL)
$ 63.810,61
Negotiated Amount (BRL)
$ 258.880,37
Final Amount (BRL)

Medical Fees for a Surgery
São Paulo, Brazil

$ 27.359,34
Initial Amount (USD)
$ 13.294,01
Negotiated Amount (USD)
$ 14.065,33
Final Amount (USD)

Hospital Claim
in Califórnia, EUA

$ 3.475,42
Initial Amount (USD)
$ 1.042,63
Negotiated Amount (USD)
$ 2.432,79
Final Amount (USD)

Hospital Claim
in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

$ 1.096.917,49
Initial Amount (BRL)
$ 93.604,54
Negotiated Amount (BRL)
$ 1.003.312,95
Final Amount (BRL)

Hospital Claim
in São Paulo, Brasil

$ 788.846,57
Initial Amount (USD)
$ 144.246,05
Negotiated Amount (USD)
$ 644.600,52
Final Amount (USD)